Blue Lace Agate (8mm Beads)

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Blue Lace Agate has a soft, soothing elegance; like sky-blue waters released from winter's grasp. Its graceful, circular design has a stimulating, positive effect on emotions and attitude. It is not a stone of protection, but rather of encouragement and support. Its circular flowing energy...


Larvikite (8mm Beads)


Known as the Norwegian Moonstone, Larvikite is a protective and grounding stone. It stimulates inner visions , also helps regulate, stabilize mood swings and emotions. Encourages Youth and vitality.                 Larvikite​ Youth and Vitality​ Control Mood swings and emotions​ Patience​ Protection​ Peacefulness   *Note that product may...


Tourmalinated Quartz (7mm Beads)


Tourmalinated Quartz is a powerful combo of clear quartz and black tourmaline. It deflects negative energy and is also a powerful good luck charm. It calms nervousness and helps balance insight.        Tourmalinated Quartz​ Deflects Negativity​ Powerful good luck charm​ Reduces nervousness ​ Balance insight   *Tourmalinated...