Amethyst (Light Purple Brazilian) (8mm Beads)


Amethyst is believed to endows the wearer with a firmness of character. It is believed to bring wealth and business sense . Protects against difficulties and helps to enhance intuition, inspire creativity,  peace and stability.             Amethyst​ Firmness of character​ Wealth and business​ Protects...


Madagascar Aquamarine (8mm Beads)


Aquamarine resonates with the energy of the ocean, ancient tales said that these stones were the treasure of mermaids making them traditional talismans for luck, fearlessness and protection. Its also believed to attract sales and help in communication.  It has a positive effect on the love...


Yellow Tiger Eye (8mm Beads)


Tiger’s Eye is a gemstone of courage, strength and personal power. It helps you remain grounded and supported during times of stress.  Its also believe to protect from all kinds of dangers and natural disasters or accidents. Slightly empowers wealth and prosperity too.       ...