[Elysium Earrings Series I] Catherine


Catherine Set in 925 Silver With Topaz Gemstones.  Gemstones: 7mm Topaz Earrings Size: 10mm

[Elysium Earrings Series I] Catherine V2


Catherine V2 Set in 925 Silver With Ethiopian Opal Gemstones.  Gemstones: 5mm Opal  Earrings Size: 9mm

[Elysium Earrings Series I] Dana


Dana Set in 925 Silver With 5mm Square Cut Aquamarine Gemstones.  Gemstones: Aquamarine

[Elysium Earrings Series I] Deborah


Deborah set in Gold/Rose Gold plated on Real Silver base with Moonstone gemstone. Gemstones: Moonstone Base material: 925 silver Sizes: 6mm

[Elysium Earrings Series I] Demure


Demure Set in 925 Silver With Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire Gemstones.  Gemstones: Emerald Ruby  Sapphire Stones Size: 7x4mm Earrings Size: 10x9mm

[Elysium Earrings Series I] Emilie


Emilie Set in 925 Silver With Emerald or Ruby Gemstones.  Gemstones: Emerald Ruby Stone sizes:  5.6mm

[Elysium Earrings Series I] Georgine


Georgine Set in 925 Silver With 4mm Amethyst or Aquamarine Gemstones.  Gemstones: Amethyst Aquamarine

[Elysium Earrings Series I] Hazel


Hazel Set in 925 Silver With Ethiopian Opal Gemstones and embellished with Topaz.  Gemstones: 4mm Opal  Earring Size: 1CM